How to Leverage Lean Analytics With Advanced Social Media Monitoring

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“The Lean Startup movement – a concept popularized Silicon Vally entrepreneur Eric Ries – is changing the way businesses grow. Instead of telling customers what to buy, businesses are now asking customers what they need.

In this video, Alistair Croll, founder of Solve for Interesting and author of the book “Lean Analytics,” explains how companies can implement new technologies to find and apply to data to employ this method.

He suggests companies:

  • Pinpoint the business’s most important metric for growth (e.g. revenue)
  • Identify the business model’s riskiest aspect
  • Establish a Minimum Viable Product, or a strategy to test the risk against the growth metric
  • Analyze the results
  • Modify the business model based on the results
  • Repeat the process until you discover your market

Watch the video to hear Croll talk about how companies including Flickr, and Twitter used this model successfully.”


24/05/2013 Uncategorized